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Goal Setting

Can You Be Financial Independent Before 40?

When I first pose this “financial independent” question to my advisor 7 years ago, he gave me a rather cynical look. I guess he must be thinking “Gee, this girl is out of her mind. With... 

February 23 | Read the article »

Success & Motivation

What It Really Means To Never Give Up

I had dinner with my old classmates recently. Over a sumptuous spread of sushi, we talked about how we were getting on in life and our plans for the future. One of them, G had started a webstore and was... 

November 17 | Read the article »

Inspirational & Success Stories

How This Family Man Retired Early At 32

If you’ve been thinking of how to retire early and live well, or be financially independent at a young age, this family man’s story will definitely give you an insight. Affectionately known... 

November 2 | Read the article »

Tools & Resources

Free Inspirational Quotes & Sayings Ebook

I’ve always been a great fan of free inspirational quotes & sayings. So much so that I’ve got at least a thousand of these wonderful words of wisdom stored somewhere on my hard drive. Every...